Yesterday, I read a sentence ” if we have 2 ears and only one mouth, it is to listen more that we speak “.
I though that it was very interesting, so I began to think to the other senses, and i began a long discussion with guides!

It is incredible to see we are perfected, i mean, everything was made to develop such or such capacity in this way and not an other one.
That we call the “gifts”, as clear-audience, or clairvoyance, or still to heal in astral… are only extensions of our physical body, existing abilities.

We have:
– the view, we have 2 eyes, more a 3rd eye (sometimes!)
– the hearing, 2 ears.
– the taste: 1 mouth.
– the sense of smell: 1 nose
– the touch: 10 fingers, more all the rest of our body, which is covered with skin, which gets the slightest contacts, only we pay it attention.

Did You are already asked yourself why you had more capacities “to feel”, with the touch, that capacities to hear, I mean, why have we ten fingers but only 2 ears?
I asked the guides who explained it to me!

The most important, according to them,

are the felt, and thus the sense of touch, that’s why every plot of land of our body can get what takes place all around, even before it comes to touch our skin. With our energy, as soon as something approaches, without having entered even our ” vital bubble “, we can feel it. Have already noticed that when somebody fixes you, you feel the pressure of his look? well, it is the energy of the intention to look at you of the other person, who enters in your fields vibratory!

2 nd most important sense is the view,

this is why we have 2 eyes to look, and one to see. Have already seen? Or you spend your time to look? This difference which can seem infinitesimal, is incredibly big in fact!
When you are in the street, in the subway, instead of wasting your time on social networks or other ” wash brain “, do you take time to SEE? Look at this woman in front of you, a little too much made up because she tries to hide her lack of confidence, but why she doesnt have confidence? Oh ! Look how she behaves with her husband, she looks at him every two minutes to see if he does not look all around, would be possible that she was previously deceived? But why she would have been deceived, maybe it refers to a period of her childhood, when dad hits mom, and she could exist only hidden, by fear of being seen, by fear of being… of the blow she doesnt exists in her own relation, she does not exist enough, to be seen in the eyes of his husband, at least it is what she could think.
Eyes to see, see inside what can be looked, they see suffering, they see experience, they see Life. Have you ever really SEE someone ? have you ever see yourself ?

3rd sense is the hearing, we have 2 ears,

but thousands of small sensors inside the internal ear (which participates largely in the fact that we can stand!), the hearing is in 3rd position because after having seen, it is necessary to know how to hear. Hear people, around you, and not listen to them. The understanding passes by the vibration of the whole body, the listening, her, passes by the ear to be analyzed by the brain, and to stand out by the other ear!
Have you already really heard your spouse? or You?
The understanding, it is to speak soul to soul, he needs there no more ear!
This is the way we speak in clear-audience, soul with soul. Words do not serve anymore, we are in the heart, in love.

The 4th sense and 5th, the sense of smell and the taste are equal,

it is both who pass lastly, because it are the ones who should be the least used, if we left place to the others.

Guides take time to specify that we would pay attention on what we put in our mouth, because we are also what we eat, and to gulp down (it is the word they have just used!) the food without soul, without energy because transformed, all this to fill the hole of love which is in us, is a big error.

They say that these 2 senses should be senses which help the other senses, and that instead of it, by too much unhealthy food and too many smells create by the man, these 2 last ones fill us instead of raising us.

This discussion was very instructive, thus I wished to share it!
I became aware, thanks to them, that I did not take enough care of what I feel, in spite of my constant will to stay in the now, take care of this jewels which is between our hands, we have an incredible luck to have 2 arms, 2 legs, and our 5 senses which work!

When one sickness attacks one of your 5 senses, you can understand better the whys and wherefores!