” An egregore is, a concept indicating a spirit of group, an autonomous psychic entity or a strength produced and influenced by the desires and the feelings of several individuals united in a common purpose. This alive strength works then as an autonomous entity. ” (Wiki!)

” An old Indian explains to his grand son that each of us has in him two wolves which are engaged in a battle.
The first wolf represents, the serenity, love and kindness.
The second wolf represents the fear, the greediness and the hatred.
Which wolf win asked the child?
The one that we feed answers the grandfather! “

I see many people around me who want to fight when they are in front of misfortune or in front of a bad part of human being, they produce bad vibration by speaking about it too much or by offending people who make these choices.

When something shocks you or revolts you, you stamp, offend, you are only speaking about it (thank you social networks!) by saying that this group deserves the death etc… I understand completely this way of thinking (and I went through that way before …)
BUT, more you act like that, more you create bad vibrations (as you know our acts and our thoughts are crazy weapons, because they products energy and vibrations positives OR negatives)

More you criticize these manners, more you send to these people bas energies, so you create a negative egregore.

I’m not saying that it’s not good to denounce whats happen in the wolrd, but if when you denounce you feel anger or you feel irritated, then you create negative energy, what goes against what you wished at first: help the cause for which you fight!
You supply energy for the survival of something you do not want.


Instead of producing negative, I suggest you changing all of this in positive, example: when there are wars between peoples, ask every day the universe to help you to change it, visualize that the oppressive part become aware and decides to withdraw; or, visualize that oppressed people manage to get over it, enough to make the opponent withdraws.

But the second solution risks to finish at war also, I think the first one is the best. And, send love!!

Also know that love and light are stronger than the rest! ( it is easier to be nasty and angry than to be kind and send love to people who according to you do not deserve it! )

So, a little visualization, a small work in astral, and hop the planet gets better, so imagine if we are hundreds even thousands to visualize positive things ?