Chakras are energetics centers of the body where cross meridians, the channels where the energy circulates.

CHAKRA means WHEEL in Sanskrit.

We have 7 main in our physical body.
These points of energy are also present in the subtle bodies. (We have much more except the physical body, according to my guides: 72.)

Every time feelings submerge us, they reach chakras, if we do not clean them regularly, those this get dirty and get blocked, what makes that the energy doesn’t circulates, it create energy blocking, then diseases if you don’t understand and accept;

All the diseases come from the mental. (From the child-me who’s not reassured and makes crises)

Chakras is fed of the prana (see previous article) as well as energy which we create and attract to us during our meditations:

– energy of the heart
– cosmo-telluric energy.


Most of our organs, all in fact, are connected with a particular chakra, when the chakra in question works badly, the connected organ lack of energy, it is then necessary to react, by finding the cause of the lack, rather than to look after the consequence.

It is crazy to see waiting rooms of doctors, they’re crammed, while it would be enough to accord a bit of attention to ourself, listens and takes time to understand, to make theses rooms empty.

I repeat and I know that many will not agree (because it necessary to accept it, and accept means change, and the change, frightened!), but quite the diseases come from badly managed feelings! Even the hereditary illnesses, which come from past lives, from traumas, of not-said …!
(Example: since i was a kid I had repeated white pharyngitises, which were transformed into otites because badly looked after most of the time: communications problem with mother (I swallowed what I wanted to say) and because the problem was not settled, I continued in otitis not to “hear” anymore, furthermore I was hung in several lives … that arranges nothing! In brief, LOGICAL explanation! there is not only that, work is deeper, but when we become aware of it, that allows the initiating of the work!)

Let us come to chakras there! : (The colors which I quote are the ones that I see, not those whom one mention in the majority of books, as well as their fastening with the various bodies, it’s up to you if it suits you or not.)

-The 1st: is opened worm the bottom to get the anchoring in the earth, we call it the chakra root, it is the one of the anchoring, the assertion of one. it is connected with the physical body. it is red. It is the center of the kundalini!
The fears which go with; fear of the abandonment, the rejection, the material lack.

– the 2nd chakra is the sacred chakra, it is the chakra of the feelings, the sexuality, the joy of living. it is yellow. Connected body éthérique.
Fears: fear of being, of domination, of loss of control.

– the 3rd is the solar plexus, the center of all energy of the body, it is a very important chakra. The self-confidence, of the power, and the will Chakra. it is orange. Connected emotional body.
Fear of the abandonment, the criticism, not to be up to it.

– the 4th is the chakra of the heart, the relation in the life, the condolence, it manages the emotional intuitions. it is green. Connected mental body.
Fear of the treason, to make a commitment, to like(love) and to be to like(love).

– the 5th is the chakra of the throat, the one who is often blocked on many people! it is associated with the communication with one even AND with others. it is stable when we are capable of communicating well, but also of listening well. It is also the chakras of the intuition (just a little). it is blue rather clear. Connected causal body.
Fear of the abandonment, and the material lack.

– 6 ème what is what we call the 3rd eye, it is the opening in the spiritual, in the consciousness of the one. It is the seat of the perception, the knowledge, the pure intuition. it is blue-purple Connected Buddhist body.
Fear of the judgment, the lack of confidence to others.

– the 7th chakra and the coronal chakra, it is opened upward, it connects us with the cosmos, with beyond, with advice of guides, with our faiths and our values. it is whitish with reflections turquoise. Connected divine body.
Fear of the loss of what you are.

It is important that chakras are aligned, and work in the same way, because if one of energy center works more than another one, then its energy is going to influence the second.

Never too much or too little, everything has to be in half measure. It is the perfect balance.

Video to clean your chakras: