Duality is to think good or bad. But there is not only black and white, there is infinite of grey.

Good, bad, it’s only a human notion, you need to categorize, but in fact, a thing might be “bad” only because it’s not exactly what you expected, isnt it ?
Don’t forget, brothers, you’re here to evolve, you’er here to co-evolve with each others, so life gives you what you need, not what you expect.
Sometimes, juste because someone does think or act like you, you might believe he doesnt respect you, but it’s not. He just act in a different way as yours.
You’re so many who make the choice to come back on earth, but so differents. It’s absolutely normal that you cannot communicate easily, especially when you dont use a heart-to-heart communication.

when something “good” happen in you life, you’re so happy, you become light, pur love, does that mean you can be love only when you’re satisfied ? Did you forget that YOU ARE LOVE ? all satisfaction can be found inside, it’s already inside.

Nothing is good or bad, it’s just different of what you expected.

Here is a little story which is perfect to understand:

A very old man had a magnificent white horse for only richness.
All his neighbors say to him every days to sell it for his retirement.
But the old man didnt really want to do it because he liked the horse.
And one day, the horse disappear.
“Curse, curse ” say all the neighbors, you lost the opportunity to insure your old days “.
The old farmer said: ” curse, blessing, we don’t know “.

A bit later, the white horse returns with a whole herd of magnificent white horses.
” Blessing, blessing ” say neighbors.
And the old man said: ” blessing, curse, we don’t know “.

Later, the son of the old farmer, by taking care of horses, had a fall which leaves him distorted.
” Curse, curse ” say the neighbors who apparently did not still understand the lesson.
And our old farmer said: ” curse, blessing, we don’t know “.

Later again, the emperor declares the war and every young peoples were mobilized, exception of the son.
Again neighbors exclaim: ” blessing, blessing, what a chance to keep your son with you “, and again the old man say: ” blessing, curse we do not know “.

Chance or bad luck, don’t exist, everything happens because of what you are and what you need for futur, you are here for a precise reason, which maybe only you still ignore .