It’s quite hard to start such a subject !


i could write an article about “how to develop your clairaudience or clear-sightedness, but i think it’s easier to start to love yourself, and then everything will follow

for clairaudience/voyance :
I also think that it’s not useful to go faster than you can, for exemple when you want to heal someone else while you work on you is still huge (of course, we all have much things to change on ourselves, but some have already ” cleaned the pipe that they are “, i mean we are channels, and we are used by the energy of earth and universe, and our energy of the heart pass by our hands, if all our body and mind are dirtied by fears, doubts, heavy wounds then we risk to transmit what is wrong in ourselves, or we risk to take what is wrong in the other one)

Much ways exist, reiki, magnetism, or the last one quantum touch …
doesn’t matter which one you prefer, which is important it’s you become aware of you divin part, part which is able to heal everything, and able to do and change everything !

So, how to develop the healer inside you ?

First of all, become aware of you own energy: stand up, put your hands one in front of the other one, palm against palm, spacing out 10 centimeters, close eyes, quickly anchor you by developing your roots and by connecting the summit of your head with the sun (with an energy rope), then inspire the energy of the earth and the sun by your root and by your rope.

Then, return this energy to the heart, let it takes love (I visualize it incredibly white with a touch of pink), and then, visualize this energy which run along your arms and stop in the middle of your hands, lets the energy come until it become a ball 10 cm diameter in the center of your two hands.

You will feel your hands warming, itches, shivers, no matter, every sensation is different according to the human.

If you have a headache for example, let this ball of energy grow, then when it’s rather thick and bright, place it on your forehead, keep your eyes closed , then continue to see the energy streaming of the earth, the sun, towards your heart, then towards your hands and finally towards your head.
Stay in that position until your body tells you it’s enough, some people will need 5 minutes, others of 15, there is not specific duration.
When I do it, I visualize the earth/universe/love energy replaces the pain in my head, the grey mist (of the pain) is evacuated during my expirations, and the white and pink light replaces it during my inspirations. I end when the grey mist totally disappeared.

Now, it’s your turn to try, and to let me know what you felt!
If my explanation is not rather clear, feel free to let me know, I shall make a video with the body movements.