We have the freedom we are willing to give ourself.

For years, I was afraid of making a commitment, because make a commitment was synonymic ” to lose my freedom “, anyway, it was only what I thought.
Whether it is in the relations of couple, of friendship, for the work, to stay in the same city too long… Everything!

So I travelled, again and again, changed work again and again…
All which was dullness, or daily rut appeared to me to be a slowly suicide
And what was crazy, it is that most of people I met found me “brave” to leave everything for living at the other end of the world, or to leave my work.
But for me, they were braver, agree to live the same things, every day than the life makes, with same people, wake up at the same time, always…
And one day I understood, understood that what urged me to change everything, all the time, it was the fear not TO BE.

Not to be ALIVE.

Now, i continue to change, but not for the same reasons.
Now I change when a situation does not correspond any more to what I am. to what I like. Only.
The path we often looking for outside, by leaving very far, by changing boyfriend, or by abandoning our family or those who do not facilitate us the task, is only a delusion.

The real path, the real freedom it is the refuge which we have inside us, the acceptance of what is, the sweetness which we are able to give to ourselves.
This is when we understand that our freedom, we are the only responsible ones, the only ones who can create it, the only ones capable of deciding where it stops.

Many shall say that the freedom does not really exist, between work, family obligations, governments…
The real freedom stops where begins the one of others, that’s it. All that there is all around, are only your own projections, of what you adduce or not to you.
A work you want to leave? Which makes you a sick person?
Yes but (this is the sentence of those who looking for excuses)
Yes but I have children, credits… yes and? You can look for a work in parallel there are Always solutions.

One day somebody said: ” if there is a problem, there is a solution. If there are no solutions, it is because there is no problem “.

He was right.

Have the courage to be free. You are already in fact. Just have a Look