About Johanna

Johanna Awakening

Since a while, I feel and I perceive things that ” I should not see “. I mean … that’s what everybody said , no ? ! With time and experience I was able to develop and to master certain capacities as the clear-audience, clear-sightedness, and especially I grew up, thanks to life’s experiences! I passed by many sufferings before understanding certain things, as the fact that we can evolve in the sweetness and love, and that it is not necessary to suffer to be good …

Today, I am delighted to put these psychic and spiritual capacities to your service, by answers to your questions, healings (psycho-energy, reiki, anahata healing, guidance and  cards reading) to help you and guide you on your life path.

I tell in my videos, my own experience (which is told necessarily with the ego!), hoping that these pieces of life help you to move forward on this path, which is some time, difficult. It is simply my experience and MY truth, not THE truth.

Take time to doubt all which comes to you, to see if it vibrates “right” with you!


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