As I was able to say in one of my previous videos, it has been a little more than 3 weeks since I chain the diseases, I thought that everything had left this weekend, but same thing again this morning…
I heard my internal child to say myself ” why are you still sick, what’s wrong with you, you cure others and you are not even capable to cure yourself? ”
Little brat! heu..sorry! poor internal child who has the easy criticism…

Then I heard one of my guides saying:

” You know, you manage to give yourself compassion from time to time, but, you shall do it more often, you shall have to agree to be sick and to stop wanting at all costs to understand everything, to heal everything, when the evil evacuates by himself. You understood where came from these troubles (I remind that I had a pharyngitis (unspoken), then sinusitis (we cannot feel any more people due to not providing exchange with them), then problem of digestion (it is necessary to digest what has just been understood), now, let it leave, give time to your body, he needs to evacuate all which was transmuted, it is not because your head goes fast, that your heart and your body have to follow it, we all have our rhythm.

The human being is reincarnated to evolve, to transmute as you say, but do not forget that every cell of your body is a full entity, which returned to evolve, and she also has her own progress. Her own speed of understanding and transmutation.

Work on the acceptance of the non-acceptance, the fact of having no serenity in you, the fact of having no health in you.

The research for the well-being, can become a burden for the one who absolutely wants to stay in this state of mind. Everything is impermanence, everything moves around you, you cannot maintain a constant state, mental… or physical!
What is magnificent in human being, it’s his capacity of adaptation, but for it you need a sufficient lapse of time, for the changes from the outside can become soaked inside.

It is necessary several times to let go the letting go, this is the way you will get back serenity in you, by becoming aware that you are not serene, and you will not change it, for now. It will pass. As your fears, your punishments, but also as your enjoyments and your happiness. Everything passes. And everything returns.
It is by liking your deceases, that this one will disappears, because the troubles are there, only to help you to develop a bit more your love to what ” does not go “, what is not completed.
Like your imperfection. Like your suffering. she asked only it, as us all, she exists only for love. “