Why, when and where !

What is Anchorage? it’s the fact to be attached to the earth where we live our human life, it helps to create a nice balance between our attachment to the sky (to the light) and the place where we decided to live.


just because in life everything has to be half-measure, “Too much of” or “not enough” It’s to tilt on one side or of other one of the balance and this create an imbalance. To be anchored is become completely aware of why we are here, and accept it. it’s helps to balance between the high and the down as i mentioned earlier.
Many people have their head in clouds, their minds are elsewhere, some go out of their physical body, inadvertently because they “are in the stars !”, it’s a nice expression, but it’s nicer to live it in reality than to put up with it !


Each time you dont feel well with you body, i mean each time you have head-ache, you feel very tired … each time you’re attracted with elsewhere and the here and now doest look interesting for you. Don’t forget that the most important thing to live IS the here and now !
Each tile you feel irritable or annoyed, after an event which was “heavy” for you, or before this event arrive (it can help to see the event from a nicer way) . Actually, you can do it each time feel you need to be reconnected stronger than what you are already. (We are all already connected to the source, beacause WE ARE the source !)


i’ll do a video of méditation, it’ll be simple than if you have to read the post step by step !
It takes time at the beginning, time to accustom spirit and body. For my part ji do it nearly every day, it help me to BE, to let it go with ease (i worked so hard for that ^^), to be aware of my body, be aware of everything, only.
My way to do anchoring: (and to get energy from cosmos)
I stand up, feet slightly spread, i close my eyes and i start to become aware of my breathe slow and ventrale. i focus on my heart (if you don’t know how, or if you want more precision as it as a com).
Then i feel some littles roots which go out of my feet and my hands, which go down toward the center of earth, center very hot, full of lava, full of energy. This center is fire red, it turn, slowly and regularly. My roots wrap gently the earth center, and when they tighten this kernel strongly, they feed themselves with the heat and the energy, they become more and more strong, heavier. At this moment, i feel my legs sink inside the floor, my all body become a tree which will never bend.
When my roots are sink inside the floor, i focus on my heart again,and i visualise a little lift (just to help you at the beginning, you’ll not need it after) je come inside, there is 3 buttons, i press the one up which goes to the sun. the ascension is very lengthy , when at the top, i go out of my lift, and take the sun into my arms, i take all the time i need to enjoy his heat, his light, his love, i feel at this moment a wave of energy which cross my all body. When i took all what the sun was able and wanted to give me, i come back to my lift and press the down button, center of earth. I enjoyed the descent to have a look alla around me, when i arrive, i repeat what i did with the sun, i take the center of earth in my arms, and receive his heat, love and light. I take all the time i need. Then i come back in the lift, press the middle button, heart. And focus on it again.
Last step, i ‘ll create a flowing and infinite mouvement of energy between earth, sun and my heart.
For that, i draw a 8, start from my heart, ascend to the sun on my left, go trough the sun, then go down toward my heart. From my heart i go down toward the earth center, go trough it and i come back, ascend to my heart. I do this until the mouvement is flowing.
Now, you’re full of love and light, have a nice day, and just let me know how you feel after this anchoring !!