Are you on your life mission path ? how to find that way ?

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Here are some points which help to know if you are on ” the good ” path, in any case, your path!

First of all, whatever people tell you, you know perfectly well that you have to continue, you have the impression at the bottom of you that you were born for it. And, you were certainly born for it!
Later remains to define your exact task on earth, it will be more clear with time !
Whether it is for a journey, living in another country, open a company, either to love such or such person…
No matter the subject, if at the bottom of your heart (not of your mental ^^) you feel that you HAVE TO make something, it is maybe because you really need to do it!

Secondly, everything takes place in your life,facilitated by the life herself. What we call synchronicities and signs.
You meet the good persons at the right time (thank you Buddhist body ^^), you find “accidentally” an announcement for the job of your dreams, the slogan of a movie’s poster could be the one of your life, you hear a music which consolidates you in the decision which you do not yet dare to take, you meet the recruiter who looks exactly for the skills which you possess, …

Thirdly, You meet one or several people who are going to guide you on earth, people which the life put on your path and who are “by chance” answer all the questions that you ask yourself, who will use to set up all which you need to act in agreement with what your heart tells you. These people can change during your progress, this is normal because when we evolve we also change our vibration and we have no more the same “needs” with time.
Most of the time, you do not know neither where from nor how these people appeared in your life, you met them “accidentally”. It is beautiful the “by chance” isnt it ??

Last point, all your friends find that for a while, you have a good star, that life facilitates everything for you, that you became “fortunate”… in fact it is simply that when we act with the heart and no more with the mental, we begin to be in agreement with our mission of life, and consequently, guides, our soul and the life meet to help us to realize our projects in good condition.
The whole universe conspires to helps us, when we really want something with our heart.

Small personal advice:

You are brilliant, you know it, isnt it ?? If you still have doubt about it, then go to look at you in the mirror, and repeat until you are convinced of it, “that you deserve the best, what is best on earth”.

Then if you still doubt to make what means a lot to you, even if it frightens, to leave a boss who treats you like a dog, to create your company, or still to look for the person who will love you for what you are, know that you can decide everything in your life, even if you have children, even if you have credits to refund … everything is possible, if you really want it.