Astrological signs , small tale !


It was the Morning of the World, the Creator gathers his twelve children and breathed to each a seed of human life.
They appeared one by one to receive the Mission and the Virtue which were respectively assigned to them.

To you, Aries, I give you my seed the first one so you have the honor to bury it.
Every standing seed will allow you to collect a million other seeds.
You will be the first one to penetrate into the ground of the human mind.
Your life is in the Action and your Mission is to help people to be conscious of my Creation, and I give you the Virtue of ” The Self-respect “.

To you, Taurus, I give you the power to make the seed substantial. Your mission is very important, it asks you all your patience because you have to finish all which was begun.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Perseverance “.

To you, Gemini, I give you the questions without answers because your Mission is to give to people the understanding of what they live.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Exploration “.

To you, Cancer, I give you the Mission to teach the natural Life to people, you have to provoke their laughter and their tears so that they can discover their feelings.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Welcome “.

To you, Lion, I give you the Mission to show in the eyes of the World, the Creation in all its brightness, you have to show yourself deserving and noble in any circumstances.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Honor “.

To you, Virgo, I give you the Mission to estimate what the man made of my Creation, you have to examine his behavior, analyze, without ever judging.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Purity of Spirit “.

To you, Libra I give you the Mission to teach to the Man to be attentive to his duties to others, to teach him the cooperation and to think about the other face of his acts.
For that purpose, I give you the Virtue of ” The Love “.

To you Scorpio, I give you a very particular Mission, you will have the capacity to know the Soul of people.
You will be often saddened to see my Creation, it will divert you from me, but I shall ask you not to forget that what you see, is not the origin of my Creation but its dark face, its dark side that asks only to meet the Light.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Perception of the invisible “.

To you, Sagittarius, I give you the Mission to be protective and friendly to people, to bring them at the same time the lightness and the Faith. You have to show them that Life is a Teaching and that we progress much better by being joyful.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The infinite Abundance ” which you can spread until affect every dark corner and throw the Light there.

To you, Capricorn, I give you the Mission to teach the work to the men, the task is not easy because you will feel the weight of the works press on your back.
For it I give you the Virtue ” The Responsibility ” because I put the fate of the humanity in your hands.

To you, Aquarius, I give you the Mission to free the man of his chains, then he can overtake his limits and open the eyes to other possibilities.
For it I give you the Virtue of ” The Conception of Future “.

To you, Fishes, I give you the most difficult Mission, to take on you all the suffering of the man and to return it to me. You have to get ready for an infinite sadness, but your tears will become mine.
For this delicate Mission, I donate you the most wonderful Vertu ” The Understanding “, you will be the only one of my twelve children to understand me and you will be in charge of communicating to the man this Virtue but I prefer to prevent you, it will not be easy thing!

Once alone, every child tried to be made “Friend” with his Mission… by finding it much more difficult than the one of his brother… then each tried to negotiate to exchange it with an other who seemed to him more appropriate.
But, very fast, it turned out impossible and the Creator…smile on the lips, tells them:
– ” Do not worry my Children, go to experiment, you will return to me very often, and every time, I shall reach your desire; you will change your Mission ”

from the page ” l’ame agit de l’uni-vers “, that I found very beautiful, I share it to you!