If you start it NOW, you may have a lover for tonight ^^


The law of the attraction it works like that: ” I attract to me what I vibrate “, what I ask.
Certainly, we can WANT to vibrate love, dates or money, but in fact, are you sure, 200 %, that ALL your being wants, is ready, and vibrates as what you wish?

If one only one small part of you still doubts, then what you wish will not arrive, because to vibrate you not as what you wish.

I give you some explanation, if you want a new lover in your life, but inside you, for a long time, you say yourselves ” I do not want to be as all these girls who seem to be bored in couple “, and that in fact, with your future lover, you would have a “boring” life (a life that YOU would consider “”boring, with your eyes from now on), but perfectly happy and good… it will never happen !!
Or, other example, you do not want blond hair lover, and that you vibrate ” I want to meet the person who is made for me for the moment, but no blond hair ” (any offends for the blond eh?), but …if the one who is made for you, is finally blond hair… you will never meet him!!!
Another another example, ” I want to live in the financial abundance “, but you vibrate ” to be rich, it is necessarily necessary to crush the others ” well, you will never pledge money!! Not enough to be rich, because deep inside you, you are a nice person and because the universe would never take the risk that you can make something which goes against what you really want… Ah! Prejudice!

Other problem which goes against the law of the attraction: the fears!

If you want ABSOLUTELY a man in your life, it has been already 2 years since you ask for it, but nothing happen… you do not want tolet it go, you NEED him!! (Because: ” I am already rather old, I’m fed up to be had by guys who do not want seriousness, I want children, but not too late ” etc.!)

Do you think behind this desire, there is a real NEED, a real hole to be filled? A fear to finish your life alone… not finding ever the “good one”, not being able to make children… finish as your mom?
I do not say that these fears are not justifiable, I tell that you should examine closely your real motivations…

If you want the law of the attraction works, it is also essential not to wait for the open hands, sat. Because clearly, if you want to be rich, but if you do not want work, neither to play the lotto, nor to become an annuitant or to open a PEA… I am sorry to tell you that… but you will never be rich ! There is a joke which tells that an old man wanted to be rich, that all his life he asked to god to win at the lottery, but he has never won. Then he dies, arrives at the paradise, and asks God why he never accept his prays, and God said : If only you had bought a ticket…
If you want to meet a lover, but you never go out, you never go on dates’s websites, or you never meet new people… we are we going to find this new guy?

Other point, the universe doesn’t give you what you want on the side where you wait for it… I keep the example of the money, if every day you play the lottery, but nothing falls, and one of your friend tells you about a well paid work, but you refuse it… maybe you just close the door to the answer of the universe about what was RIGHT for you. Maybe you didnt have to earn that money easily but with a hard work.
Remember that we can obtain much better if the universe decides for us compare if we had had exactly what we asked for…

It is often wonderful not to obtain what we wish.
Trust the life, this is the way it will work best.
Try to put aside your fears, to develop the real FAITH IN LIFE, if you can do it, you will see that it will not be any more the fears and the needs which will manage your existence, you will be completely confident, because you will not forget any more that all the best FOR YOU is always given to you!

Even if sometimes, what is BEST for you, is not what you wait for! If for example you MUSN’T be rich for the moment because you need to live “precariousness”, to understand an important point – which will allow you later to develop your wealth- then no matter your requests, it’ll happen only when it’ll be THE moment !
That’s why life is wonderful!
Listen to your heart, he knows already what is best!