Be lights, do not try to convince, just be yourself, full of love, kindness and tenderness
Because this is what we need in that world to have heart-to-heart conversations and relationships.

The acts of love surpass all the rest, if like me, you wish to change the world, be this light you want to see, think just love, take care of your words and your thoughts, because a thought becomes a word, a word becomes an act, and an act becomes a habit.

The happiness need to be cultivate, and we can find the seed only in the self-abnegation of love .
Love of others, but first of all love you.

When we succeed to love ourselves, to produce in ourselves what we looked for a long time in the others
We do not act any more by need but by envy, the stream of the ONE, stream of light and love submerges you, then your flame begins to switch on the one of the others

Be the ones who will change this world.


Edmund Burke said :

“To success, evil just need that good mens do nothing”


I had this guides messages in december 2014, when i asked myself if it was really possible to change the world. Thanks to them to have the idea of creating the facebook page, thanks to the for the idea to do healing, and thanks to the to support me in any cases …