(on image : it’s up to you to be an alchemist, Transform your lead life into golden dream)

Of course having a dream life asks courage, courage to go beyond all which frightens us, and courage to leave what does not suit to us or not anymore.

If already you manage to realize what does not suit to you, then you’re in perfect way, because when you admit your fault, you’re done half of the path!
It’s like to manage to see your own sufferings, it is difficult because it means admitting that something is faulty, that we took the wrong road… Wrong I do not like this word, we never take “wrong paths”, sometimes we just need to pass by such or such way, to finally arrive where we have to be for our evolution.
So, no bad paths, just paths which lead to various places. Which suit us for whole life or only for a lapse of time.

Anyway! When you put the finger on your sufferings, (those who come back ceaselessly, not a small doubt) it is good to give ourselves a title of nobility, for example ” I am the one who does not support to see suffering and un-love around her because I wait to see love outside instead of creating it inside. ” (i ‘ll do a video about “how to find the definition of who i am”, in fews days)
Take time to choose well the words which will describe you. And to highlight your “un-love”. Put forward your deepest suffering.

Know who we are, is one of the longer path, and precarious, but when finally we manage to define ourselves with the heart, an enormous relief arises. Because with understanding comes the compassion, and from compassion comes love.

Now you know who you are, just need to love this part, and to find your personal legend which sticks on this beautiful definition of the heart.
You were born to act in agreement with what you are, to use this suffering as tool of world’s transformation.

You can make everything in your life, EVERYTHING. Since you are honest with you and since you manage to see your ugliness as well as your beauty.
All this it is YOU. You are perfected.
You can change your life if you decided it, you can also change the world, just by changing you you.