For those who heal, in reiki, in psycho-energy, in magnetism, no matter, think to clean yourselves after a healing.

Last week, I healed a friend who had a kidney stone, but because she was my friend, I did not take the usual precautions, I healed her, then i continued my activities, without cleaning myself carefully.

In the evening, I was very sick, but it was the evening of my resignation, I had put it on the account of the stress, everything came out of my body “to purge ” myself of the stress.

Except that, this morning, a week later, I was woken by an extremely intense pain in the back, above the hip, just a little on the side. A pain as I had never felt, on a 1 to 10 scale, I had a 8 pain. I could not breathe any more. I thought at first of a badly made massage and thus a muscle pain, but it was too intense for that, then after 5 minutes, the pain passed, I began to feel itches, as needles in the low stomach, and I heard “kidney stone” coming from my guides. Several times.

I didn’t believe it, I did not listen to, by telling me that it was impossible that I was able “to catch” her kidney stone. Even if i hear my guides since a moment, I still have doubts certain times!
Then 30 minutes later, the second wave of pain arrived, i went to the hospital: it was good a kidney stone.
I never had it previously.

So, when you heal somebody, a friend, family or whatever, it is necessary to think of off-loading the energy which passed in transit by us, otherwise, the body keeps her and transforms it in a decease!
Reassure you, the kidney stone is out now, everything goes well! The body just needed to take out what I shall have had to take out by myself, one week before!