This morning, I am under the shower, listen to ” Heal the world ” (, put the song by reading the text, it will help you to feel what I was able to feel this morning!), of Michael Jackson, and I say myself, ” poor guy, he broadcasted songs to change the world, he had love inside him… and he committed suicide or I do not know what ” …

I had news about him when I had spoken with Whitney Houston, who had confided us that Michael prevented the souls from rising to the light, that he wanted to retain them with him “ (Story here:

And there I hear, ” They killed me, and it was not my doctor “.

I stop thinking, by telling me that my mental makes wrong things, except that it is not my voice, but the one of Michael… I have shivers everywhere.
I have a hundredth of second when I do not believe in it, we always wonder ” why Me “, why he comes to see me, and not somebody else?

” Because I know that you will spread my message without fears “

I ask him why they killed him and he explains that it is people in the business that wanted his death, because he had power and money, and consequently, he had the capacities to change the world.
I ask him why he retained souls when I had spoken to Whitney, he explains me that he wanted that souls help him to change things as soul, and that if they rose to the light, then nothing more would be possible.
On no account he wished harm to them, just assistance, and love…

I cry by writing, it is so beautiful. Its… love.

At the same time as we spoke, the music changes and passes to ” earth song “, he tell me that I can make something for him.
At this moment, in the music he says ” what about killing fields? ” which is one of the most important place in Cambodia, one of the places where there were most deaths in Asia.
( No fate if I lived here!)

He tells me that I have to spread the message saying that he was killed because he wanted to change the world, and he hope that we can doing it for him, now.

He is now by my side, I see him, in reality. Not only in my head. I do not really believe in it, it is like in a dream in the reality, I admired him so much. And I always admire him… to tell the truth.
I offer my hand to him, and ask him to put his hand above, I want to see if he is really love, and i want to have a proof that it is him, energetically. For this, I need to touch his vibration,very deep.

He puts his hand on mine, shivers browse my body, iam in tears. I am reloaded all at once (with energy) and quite confused at the same time.
It had been a while i didn’t live something so strong, so beautiful.

In spite of the fact that I had a doubt to tell you this story, I respect his wish, so i share it. If you believe me, or not, it’s not what is important in that message.

I do not know in what I shall manage to change the world, I make what is possible for me, by working on my task every day, but all that I know, it is that I really want, in the depths of my heart, to do it.

And when we really want, with the heart, not with the ego … The universe conspires in the realization of our wishes.

I am so grateful for being able to live this kind of thing.