1. You feel immediate one sensation of connection or rejection.
When we think of the previous existence of an individual, we often make a reference to our friends, to our parents, to people we loved. When we meet somebody of a previous life, it gives place to an immediate positive (or negative) connection.
With some people, you can feel an immediate disgust towards him/her. Just like magnets which incurs or fall back, your energies are connected! If the connection is similar to a friend whom you would never have left, then you certainly had a family, friendly relation… if the person puts off you, it’s maybe because what your experiment together was not very… love!

2. Your connection seems telepathic.
It does not mean inevitably that you send messages to each other with your mental ^^. It is a connection difficult to explain, as if both were capable to feel needs, or thoughts which are not inside himself. For example, a person of whom you think and who calls you directly after, not only once, but very regularly…it’s to be capable to “feel” the other one.

3. Eyes are the mirror of the soul.
Have you already fixed anybody in eyes by feeling you stunned? Have you already had the sensation to have fixed a million times this look? If these eyes are familiar to you, it is maybe due to the fact that you have already seen them previously, simply in a previous life, even in previous lives…
The behavior can lie, the look and the energy, never!

Did you meet anybody of a past life?

Source: higherperspectives.com. Modified by myself.