An article had been asked on this subject, here it is!

You breakup, and pim, the jar of Nutella, one contrariety and go, we make a standing jump in the bag of chips…
This food “comfort blanket” as someonce called it…
We all went through it isnt it?

All some day, consciously or not.
There are girls who find comfort with haagen daz, but there are also the boys, much less in “I am not feeling well right now, so i eat right now” they are more on the long term, and… without they want to admit it… for them it’s more “I stuff of junk food, but not only once, at every meal, until I begin to have a small paunch and more if affinity!” And what is “funny”, it is whom rare are the boys who will admit having a problem with the food.

To have a problem with the food, it is not “just” to be bulimic or anorexic, to have a problem it is to try to fill an internal space with one outside substance, it is to eat really bad things, many, but not to know how to stop, because in fact, we dont respect ourselves enough for it.

The worst with this food “comfort blanket”, it is that it helps us over the moment, but as soon as we pass in front of a mirror, we feel “even dirtier”, because we had the will NOT TO FILL, to hog, to hurt… and we are conscious that these acts are far from being love to us. And then the more we eat, the more we take weight, less we love ourself and more we eat! Vicious circle!

How to take out there (i mean, how I went out there? Because before, i was 77kilos,yes!)

First point: MAKE SPORT!

No secret, as soon as we make sport, we anchors, we ré harmonize our energies, and then especially we have not desire to waste the sport which we made by going to fill us with food (I do not speak about problem as the anorexia or the bulimia which are compulsive mental problems, to deal with healing and psychological follow-up, in these cases there, we speak no more simple “comfort blanket” food, is one also, but more anchored!)
For me, I did not begin again the sport 8 months ago to lose weight but to develop the muscle, I use the TBC, of tlev sonia, I have already recommended it several times, this program is brilliant!)


with some positive assertions, in front of the mirror, every morning, during 21 days minimum, to say ” Johanna (for exemple), I love you enough not to hurt you any more with the food ” (I do not here speak of stopping any fat or sweet food, just to create a balance!)
And the more we love ourself, the more we take care of ourself, as use cream on our body for exemple …, say to ourself that we are beautiful when we pass in front of a mirror etc. and thus more we are really beautiful, due to repeating a thing, it becomes true. It looks really easy: power of intention !


I do not speak necessarily about a psychotherapist or about a psychologist, but to have a person who supports us, a husband, a friend, or a therapist, for sure ! But somebody who encourages us in our initiative (for my part, I had nobody to encourage me, my husband “absolutely not seeing why I wanted to develop the muscle, because I was very nice like that!” Thus I have decided to make it alone, every morning, when I get dressed by looking at me in the mirror, I say myself ” wow, you are better in the day after days ” I make quite full of compliments, which really encourage me to continue!

This advice seems really simple, but applied conscientiously, they can make real miracles, on the body, but also and especially on the self-confidence!

Johanna, who (nearly) loves herself completely!
A healthy spirit in a healthy body!