Why have we such or such dream, why some of us remember it and others not, how to interpret them, their importance…

There are several TYPES OF DREAMS,

– the one who releases the brain of the excess of the day, most of the time, we do not remember those there, they are not important, and concern what we lived during the day.

– the dreams / meetings with guides, we remember very well this kind of dreams, if guides decided that you were ready to remember! Otherwise, the dream will be thought of as a ” strong intuition ” the next day… we often know what the person told us, that she gave us as piece of advice, but, it often arrives that we do not see the face of the person which speaks to us. This dream takes place in astral, and we really meet our guides, or our disappeared friend/family. It happens very often that when you have just lost a close person, you dream about her, you hear her as if an alive person spoke to you… because you really discuss in astral with her!
If you remember these dreams, it is because you were decided capable of receiving this kind of information…

– the premonitory dreams, all the details of dream are incredibly clear, you have the impression to live it really, visually and with your 5 other sense as well. Every small information has importance and you live the dream in full consciousness, from clothing until the smells, you don’t miss any thing.

Certain people remember their dream because they are capable of not being perturbed by this kind of information which they received… Those who do not remember dont have this capacity, either because they would not know how to use the information, or because simply they would not take the information for a “real” information, or because they would not bear “psychologically” to have seen something in a dream and then see it in the reality…. for example!

How to interpret them?

Trust your feeling!!!
For example, in 90 % of books, it is said that to lose our teeth is sign of physical death, I do not necessarily agree, teeth are also our way ” to enjoy life” and thus to forge ahead, lose them can thus be sign of stagnation, or then teeth are also the fact to have a beautiful smile, when we lose our teeth, we lose our self-confidence… We also lose out teeth when we are 5/6 yrs old, it is one of first big changes of our life, thus to lose them in dream can also announce a big change, often positive, to come…

A dream: 50 meanings! Everything depends on the person, on the context!
But my way of interpreting them: I take the main subject of the dream, then I see what is the “use for the object”, as for example for teeth! Then I see what speaks to me most, what vibrates with me!

For their importance… the more the dream will be clear, more you will remember it in the morning, more it mean that


And that it is very important! All which is not important will pass by the trapdoor of the forgetting, the rest will stay in your unconscious, and either it will pass by the memory, or by the strong intuition that you have to or do not have to make such or such thing!

Lets go dreaming !
And trust your felt!!