Energy healing

Here you will find all Energy healing I can practice. You will find all details and prices about each one.


Hi all, i stop the healings, except emergency and 2 therapist healing.

For the 2 thérapists healing send an email to mathieu at

for emergency, send me an email to

For emergency healing, you can chose any healing, and i do it as soon as possible (the same week except if we are friday!)

URGENT HEALING (5 days max after your request)

Further to people who recommended me to set up a service of emergency as in any other medical institution, I decided to establish the possibility of booking an appointment for those requiring an urgent healing, and who were not able to obtain a date 15 of the month.

This service of exceptional nature, do not affects the  normal appointment settings, or the follow-up of usual reports / healing (somebody who feel bad after an healing will be taken on follow-up without having to book an appointment!)


Price : 100€




A deep cleaning of your body, with help of guides (only distance healing).


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Healing with heart energy, i do not manage where the energy goes, i’m still working with your guides and mine who give tips but do not act as much as with the psycho energy healing. This healing develop the best version of yourself ! Powerful !  (only distance healing).


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The Structure healing quickly looks after the physical troubles, but not only! He acts on the complete structure of the body. As we would shake a dusty sheet, I “shake” your internal weft, to remove all which blocks. The physical body is ré – harmonized, energies are fluid, everything circulates again.


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For our 4 legs friends… same healing as humans one, with a shorter report, beacause animals don’t have same chakras and subtle bodies …


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1h Skype during the one we put in light the deep wounds in you, and we find a solution together to go forward.


Learn more about guidance >>


One full hour, during the one you can ask all questions you want without any limit. I’ll answer wit oracles G2 et Belline, and also with guides who communicate with clairaudience.


Learn more about cards reading with Skype >>



Between every healing I say that it is necessary to wait at least 21 days, it is not to annoy you, it is because this lapse of time is necessary for the renewal of the body’s cells, just like the cycle of a woman, or the time required to get rid of a bad habit (for the body, not for the mental, for example, when you stop sugar, at the end of 21 days, the body is deprived of this drug, because yes it is drug!, but the mental, used to eat sweetened, can again protest!)

This information did not come to me like that, it is the request from my guides that I always respect, as well as the fact of making healing to people who asked for it, only. I also never heal children, except to cure them (of a burn, an eczema or other, but no psycho-energy, neither reiki…)

This applies mainly for the psycho-energy and heart healing (moreover I chose a name!), about Reiki, I also apply the rule of 21 days, it is MY choice, certain practitioners reiki recommend sessions moved closer for the ” cases “, when we use ONLY the Reiki, it is not a problem, but seen that I also use the cosmo-telluric energy, I have to respect a deadline between every healing. Otherwise the changes can turn out too important and be very badly lived by the patient.

I make it because I I even passed in the hands of practitioners who had not respect this deadline, and my internal child/ego for whom the change was too important, started to make phenomenal anxiety attacks, by fear, to the point that I became agoraphobic and to the point that I could not get out of my house any more, during 5 months. Now, I thank these practitioners who activated this big ascent of kundalini, who help my life to change completely, but I wish this painful experience to nobody.
The change is then longer, but more acceptable and in the sweetness and love instead of suffering.

I have make the error only once, to do not respect guides advices, for a single person, that I had nevertheless prevented of risks of ” rebellion / fear of the mental “, and I had reproaches of this person.

As patient, follow your felt, always go towards the person who inspires you confidence, listen to your heart…
Take time to choose your practitioner, there are those who act with the mental, for the glory and the money and those who follow their heart… A good practitioner will never tell you “yes” just to satisfy you, he will know how to say no to you for your well being…

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