Anahata healing

Anahata healing, which was formerly called ” heart’s healing “, is a care during the one I’m center in the heart, I send the energy of my heart to you. At first towards the global nature of your body, then towards every chakra, and towards the subtle bodies.

Contrary to the psycho-energy healing, I do not try to manage the energy to clean or repair. I let it go where she wishes it, and I observe the reactions of your body under the influence of Love.

This care develops your capacities and your “gifts”, it helps you to become the best version of yourself. Powerful!

At the end of the healing, I send you a report, with what I saw and how the energy acted on you, on your global body, your chakras and subtle bodies, I also transmit you guides’s advices, and names of stones which could help you in your evolution.

Johanna Awakening
If you need any more informations about anahata healing, or if you want to take an appointment, leave me a message !!

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