Psycho-energy healing

The Psycho-energy healing is an healing durin the one we clean-up of the body, chakras, subtle bodies and body memories (karma).

This healing is a distance healing, I move my astral body towards yours, so every blockings become visible, only with their energy . I work for this healing in agreement with your guides and mine, by clearvoyance, and clear-audience.

At first I review your body to be able to put in light the general blockings. Then I clean, align and put energy in every chakra, as well as inside each of your subtle bodies. Finally, we review some of your previous lives, those whom guides will consider useful to be able to move forward in your current life.

Finally, I write you a long report, with all that I made, as well as advices  and exercises of guides, to allow the profits of the healing  to continue.


Johanna Awakening
If you need any more informations about psycho-energy healing, or if you want to take an appointment, leave me a message !

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