Structure healing

Structure healing is to cure quickly all physical diseases, not only ! it acts on the complete structure of the body. As we would shake a dusty sheet, I “shake” your internal weft, to remove anything which blocks. The physical body is ré- harmonized, energies are fluid, everything circulates again.

Here is the review of Christine, which was one of my “test” for this healing:
” Further to an emotional charge (not expressed, in total excitement and feeling always “boiling”) extremely heavy, heavy and very difficult to live, all my vital energy had within a few weeks totally crystallized. What entailed a huge blocking, with the consequences which ensue from it: diverse dysfunctions in my organs, diseases, allergy to pollen, diverse pains, moods, the depression, the various disorders, etc….

On the psychic plan, these blockings brought me to feel very melancholic, very sad (without precise reason), immensely deprived, and totally powerless in front of many constraints of my everyday life. I saw the life only in one color:  black!

Yet, Johanna’s intervention freed me, in a very brief lapse of time (a single care), freed of these knots and of these zones of blocking, allowing my weft to be reconstituted, to rebalance, to straighten. In record time, I felt the good to be and a reassurance. All my body was as transformed, redrew. In brief: this care was for me a revival!!!!!

Since then, I feel immensely well, both in my body as in my head. Furthermore, I have the impression to have changed. I feel complicity with this new “earth vehicle”, I feel so light with this new mental, and so free within this new role which it is given to me to play down here.

I deeply recommand “The Structure healing “to every person wishing to improve its health, its moods or wishing simply to do a work on himself.”

Johanna Awakening - soin de la Trame
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