Yesterday evening I spoke with a new friend, and we asked ourselves the question to know what is THE truth?

He wondered to make the difference between what is true and what is false as regards the awakening on the Internet. First answer, ” listen to your heart “, but as he was able to point out it, sometimes heart has interference with our thoughts, and it is difficult to make the difference between answer of the heart and answer of the child inside us.

I think that we have to take into account the fact that it “vibrates” or not with us. When you’re face a dilemma, and when you have 2 solutions, there is always one which you would tighten directly, even before thinking, the one who appears to you ” normal “, and well it is the one there, the choice of the heart. it Vibrates with you, it vibrates like you. I often went to conferences and training courses about spirituality, and the speaker told detain TRUTH.

I remember that at this time it had annoyed me, and I wondered who he was to be able to claim detain the truth. With time I understood that there is a difference between detain Truth and THE truth!

We are 7 billions on earth, there is 7 billion ways of seeing things, 7 billion experience and lessons which differ!

The parabola of the elephant, explains it very well: ” Six men of India, very inclined to perfect their knowledge, visited an elephant (they were all blind), observing it, to satisfy their curiosity. The first one approached the elephant and went to stumble over the wide and strong side. He exclaimed immediately: “Omg! But elephant looks like a wall! “. The second, touching a defense, exclaimed: ” Ho! What this object so round, so smooth and so sharp? Undoubtedly this extraordinary elephant looks like a lance! “. The third advanced on the elephant and, seizing inadvertently the trunk which wriggled, exclaimed without hesitation: ” I see that elephant looks like a snake! “. The fourth, of the feverish hand, begantouching the knee. ” Apparently, he says, this fabulous animal looks like a tree! “. The fifth touched accidentally the ear and says: ” Even the most blind of men can say what looks like an elephant; nobody can prove me the opposite, this magnificent elephant looks like a fan! “. The sixth just began to sound out the animal, the tail fell in his hand. ” I see, he says, that the elephant looks like a rope! “. So, these men of India discussed for a long time, each asserting his opinion with strength and firmness. Even if each was partially right, all were in the error. ”


When we understand that our way of seeing things, joined the one of the neighbor, and join the one of 7others billion countrymen, if we take into account all that everybody perceives, then we touch a small part of the unlimitedness of the Truth. Nobody detains THE truth, but everybody already touched the TRUTH!