” Tears are simply drops of water resulting from the thunderstorm inside you ”

It has been several times since I hear ” when you cry, you show your weakness ”
Exteriorize is not good ? Really? who thus decided on it?

For my part, if I cry it is to be able to release what I have inside, all the pain of the feelings which goes out, all at once.
I cry relatively often, it is much better outside that inside!

It allows the child-me to express his feelings, his doubts, his punishments, to release what kicks inside at the moment, and to calm down.

To tell the truth, I have a lot of compassion for those who decided that to cry was a mark of weakness, because they have to refrain what they are really.
It is not because I show that I have a heart, that certain times I suffer, that I am weak; no, I listen to me, and I do not repress the way i feel, I accept it.

Anyway all which is buried and hidden, will emerge in the light some day, and more you will take time to see it, more it will hurt because there will be weight of the guilt, the resentment and all different negative feelings which have been added.

It is as the kindness, did you noticed that we live in a world where kindness, is taken as weakness?
It is not because the nature of some people is to hurt, that i will change mine which is to love.

Very sad is the one who uses tenderness of others to damage.
I take back consciousness after lessons of life, we don’t have to except anything from others. But who, sincerely, does not ever wait for anything? maybe only a thank you? Or a look, some love?

Or simply respect.

But in fact, what is respect? The respect for me will not be the same than yours, and even less the same than someone from another culture.
Then we judge! We judge that the other one lacks respect to us… Fatal Error: we JUDGE and we WAIT, combo!

So, I accept, the pain I still feel; because evolution never finish and we always have something to learn, I thank my “guardians” for not putting around me the kind of barrier which would make that I shall never trust anymore.

I see many of these people, disappointed, who never want to be approached too closely, by fear of seeing their shell to be leaky, once again.
But, is that not better to be touched by small pins,often, than time to time by big picket?
This is my felt.

I hope one day i can manage to expect nothing, just take what we give to me. I think that I do not wait that we give me goods things, but at least I hope that we shall not give me the bad. What always means hoping for something!

A long work, but i’m sure about one thing, I am certain about the profond nature of human being, and i ‘ll never give up the love i have for him.

We’re all here for the same reason: co-evolution. But some forgot why they come back.

” The hardest people to love, are the ones who need it the more “.