We are often stressed, so much so we do not realize it even anymore. Did you forget the word “relaxation” ?
I remember the day when I had my driving test, the examiner told me “stop, stop the car, and breathe!” I was so stressed, as I forgot to breathe, I was almost in apnea, bringing to my body only the necessary to survive instead of living.
I took a big inspiration, and everything freed, I felt lighter, less contracted, and … less stressed!

Since I use a technique when I am in a whim and I do not manage to make serenity and peace come in me, I use it especially in the evening before sleeping, but it can be made at any time of the day.

I inspire by making the abdominal breath, place your hands one on the stomach, the other one on the breast, only the one of the stomach has to have a movement, the one of the breast has to be motionless. (At the beginning it is a little bit difficult, but with training, you can do it !) I inspire by the nose, until my stomach cannot receive the slightest quantity of air, then I block my breath 5 seconds, then I slacken slowly (it is important to go slowly!) all my air, by the mouth, until i had no air at all.

I begin again, I inspire slowly by inflating my stomach, by the nose, I block 5 seconds, and I expire by the mouth quite slowly.
I make it until i feel better.

If you are already an expert in breath, you can add visualization, on the inspiration I visualize the prana (https: //www.facebook.com/johannaawakening/photo s/pb.751133304978027.-2207520000.142474 4513./751146494976708) bright and pure enter by my nose, to feed my lungs, my bronchi, my whole body, it cleans my body and collects all the “black balls of stress” on its passage, at the expiration, it takes all of this with him, goes out of my body, and is going to bury itself at the bottom of the earth where it will be transmuted in love.
In the next inspiration, it is more the prana which I shall take, but love which stands out from the earth.

This technique seems simple, but it is very efficient. Generally, in 5/7 cycles “inspiration / expiration”, you will feel better!
go on now !.