Here is a little exercise to learn how to feel the energies, place you hands on your physical body, , then move it slowly away, very slowly, just like in full conscientiousness meditation. Be concentrate on your touch feeling, feel the itches, or the heaviness, the density or the energy …
More you’re going away from your physical body, more the energy is going to be different, according to the people, it can be the density, the heat, or the cool …either other things. Be concentrate, just be quiet, try to be alone, take care of your anchorage, it’ ll helps you to feel your energies more, et dont give up, it’s normal if at the beginning you fell nothing ! you spent your whole life to never use your sens in a subtle way !

Close eyes, and feel all sensations in your body, by going away, by returning, and going away again. You can feel kind of elasticity, a light bounce,this is aura. It’s easier to feel aura with the back of the hand, while with the palm of the hand we can feel the subtle bodies. (Question of polarity!)

Do it as much as possible, on you. Your sensations will become refined, and you will be able to feel, with time, the energy of everything which is alive. Our differences, and our similarity.

Let me know what you was able to feel?