We aren’t all born ferrymen of souls, nevertheless with time and experience, we can see developing in ourself some capacities to feel or to see spirits.


For me as for many peoples who help spirits, it’s what happens, because when the deceaseds understand that you have capacities to see them or to feel them, they do not leave you any more, so satisfied to have found somebody to speak with, but it is necessary to understand that even if you want to help people, your personal life, and your personal evolution passes above all! You are there to change, before saving anybody ,save yourself.
When they come to annoy you in the middle of the night (what arrives regularly at the beginning!) it is necessary to know how to say no, a frank NO! , without hesitation and very firm, and ask them to leave, otherwise they will consider they can do anything and forget that it is YOUR house!

( At the beginning I cried before sleeping every night, because I had ” the tail of the post office ” in front of my bed! (About fifty people who had understood that I could help them!) I was so afraid, I did not sleep any more…and some people found solution for me as ” say them good night and go to sleep! « i think you never had it in you life if you give me that solution !)

Other point, we cannot help people unwillingly, you CANNOT SAVE anybody, and you didn’t chose to live again for that.

A deceased who needs help will come to find you, never go to make seances, to call the deceases, it is not a game, and you never know who you can find, according to the energy level of people with who you make the session!
Same for automatic writing in mode “open” as I saw certain mediums making it, it is dangerous!

Take those who come to you, when YOU wish it (they have to adapt, you are not a machine!), and if ever they come to speak and not to go to the light, do not force them, respect their free will. Even if you have to make strength of persuasion for those who died but do not know it, or those who live as a parasite for human.
It is necessary to teach to them, often they think having no other choices that to pump the energy of the alive to remain, then it is necessary to show to them that they can take the energy on plants, trees, or directly in the earth (I have an anecdote on this matter!)

If at the beginning your clairaudience and your clear vision do not work well, ask spirits to send you flashes, express clearly your wishes, as for example not touch you (if it frightens you), not appear in the middle of the night, or not speak in your head … you choose!

Last point, I had made sessions to help spirits to get the light with various mediums and other “spiritual” people, who sent souls to the light as to the factory… I dont agree with that, if you want to help them, do it in a proper way, otherwise do not make it.
It is souls which for some of them spoke to nobody during decades, they are alone, are afraid (following at which level of the astral they are… the surrounding souls see exactly like us, the one who are in the astral are several times in the complete darkness, it is cold and wet there, and they are alone), you should never make to the others what you dont want the others make to you, then handle respectfully.

NEVER BE AFRAID, even if i know that it can be very hard sometimes, they’re not here to frighten you, they just scared, they need you.