Do You know that your first name is extremely important!?


Do Know you the etymology of yours?


I read a book yesterday evening which spoke about it (Bernard Werber ” Cassandre’s mirror “) and this morning, I fall on a comment of Lilou Mace, which has for initials LM (she loves (in french))… i asked myself, « and me? ” Johanna and my surname begins by one A! That makes “AJ” (the soul acts, or the magic! (in french))is that not brilliant ?

For me, my first name diverts from the Hebrew term significant Yehohanan ” God remitted “. (Well, on the base, to be honest, my mother called me like that because there was johanna in Hélène and the boys… it break’s your dream, I know), and in all my lives or almost I had a first name which began by “J”, it is not really the parents who choose the first name, but rather the soul who blows it friendly. your first name is extremely important and puts you in connection with what you live at present.

And in this famous book which I read yesterday evening, they talk about various first names I would never have thought… Violaine ( rape / hatred (in french)) I really loved this first name before…. Violaines start life with a handicaps in life (according to the book!), Cassandre, the heroine, tells that her first name comes from Cassandre of Troy who had a power to see the future, and that consequently, all the cassandres sees… Daniel, in touch with the prophet daniel in 587 av(avenues) JC daniel was a Hebrew prince, who managed to decipher the dream of emperor Nabuchodonosor, it is him who spoke about the empire at the foot of clay (empire which collapsed with the coming of Jesus, daniel was a visionary!)

Among others…

I began to check for all people I knew and it is incredible!!

And you, what are your initials? The meaning of your first name? Does it tell you a story?

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