(with stones list at the end)

I have just seen a video on stones, I think that we have to speak certain important things!

1st point:

stones are alive.
It is necessary to treat them respectfully (anyway even what is not alive, if we treat everything respectfully, then we will be treated in the same way!

2nd point:

all stones are not to be cleansed in salted water, some yes, but some others do not support neither salt, nor water (as the moondweller or the fulgurite for example)

3rd point:

all that we say on the power of stones, as for example that the amethyst helps to sleep and opens the coronal chakra, sometimes it’s true, other times not! In fact every “stone race » has peculiarities, as the human beings, every stone has a very different character which it is necessary to take time to listen to.

For example, the sharp crystals, bi – ended or not, do not serve only to put the point towards a chakra or to look after somebody, in fact, every being has his own mission, and his own aspiration, it is necessary to listen to it, yes!

It is necessary to know also that when you choose a new stone, it is not you who choose her, she also decides to come with you (I remember in the shop of miromesnil, I looked for some precise stones, and then suddenly I heard: hey oh! Me, Me ! « i looked for who screamed like this, and I found a ruby on fushite which absolutely wanted to come! i took her with me, since we always love each other ^^)

the best way to chose, when you do not about stones, or when you have no clair-audience, it is to go towards those you like the most, because we are always attracted by what we need!
You will see, that when you will find the meaning, you will be surprised seeing it corresponds to you!

Here is a list, not exhaustive, about stones which are with me, and how they help me:

My very first was a FLUORINE, offered by my brother 2 years ago during Christmas (before I wasn’t interested in stones!), the fluorine bring me well-being and reassured me, I learnt later that it tidied up the chaos, and that it represented the mental fulfillment.

The first ones i bought were an AGATE CYCLOPS, a COVELLINE and an AGATE EYE OF SILVER (I remind that I didn’t know what they had for peculiarities) the agate develops 3rd eye, the covelline the mediumship and the agate eye rejects all the negative energies, I had fallen well!

Here is for the first ones, now I list you all the others (mine, not quite those who exist, and it is already not bad!):

TO FIND THE ONE THAT YOU WISH, do “cmd+F” and type her name!

-tree Agate: anchoring to earth, when i look at it, i come bck to natural. To unity. Water / salt )
– agate dentrique: develop my energy of hands, magnetism. (Water / salt )
– aquamarine: cleaning of throat chakra, the softening (water / salt )
-amazonite from Russia: cleaning of the cardiac energy center (water / salt)
-amber of the Baltic Sea: this stone is not a stone but a resin, above powerful, which does not come from the earth, it helps in the circulation of all the energies, but do not wear it all the time, it is too powerful, 20min / day are enough! (No water no salt! Cleaning in the reiki, or incense)
– amethyst of Brazil: calme, connection with the coronal (no water nor salt, reiki)
– ghost amethyst of Zaire: consciousness of the previous lives, the communication with other forms of energy, consciousness of our spiritual rise (no water nor salt, reiki)
-apatite green (one of my favorite!): this stone is too cute, it opens the heart, but quite slowly, to put it all her love (water / salt)
-auralite 23: she contains 23 different stones, arisen from an explosion of meteorite, wear it from time to time (water / salt)
-apophylite green: stone of India, very old soul, eliminate all the energy blockings (water / salt)
-astrophylite: stone of communication with guides (water)
-barytine: stone of protection which uses the cosmo-telluric energy (water / salt)
– wood fossil: consciousness of the previous lives (neither water nor salt)
-cacoxenite: stone in 999 properties, great powerful, acts on almost EVERY concerns we could have, stone of protection. (Water / salt)
– blue chalcedony: opening and cleaning throat chakra (water / salt)
-calcite “tooth of dog”: stone of positivity! against « complaining”, that can serve! (Water / salt)
-calcite orange: communication with the angels, and enjoyment (water / salt)
-carborandum: stone against people who want to take your energy (water)
-celenite: very soft, calming properties, increase the vibration of the room and help to speak with guides at night
-charoite: stone of anchoring, very powerful, root chakra AND coronal (water / salt)
-chrysoprase: stone of love, cleaning of the body. (Water / salt)
-chrysoprase lemon: drain fats, anti stress (water / salt)
-citrine warmed: stone of working success, and calm the symptoms of diseases
-cornelian: she asked me to be in my wallet to help me to always have money

CRYSTALS (water and salt) never wear it on you, crystal takes everything which is around him and give it back!
-aqua aura: his power is crazy ! Cleaning of the body, the purification of all which approaches him, transmutation of suffering in love –
rock crystals: mine serve as amplifier of vibration in the bedroom
-crystal cactus: many ending, very radiant
-ghost crystal: stopped his growth, then start again, so other stones settled on the end, very powerful.
Crystal diamond: amplifier of the other stones (and more than this (he just said)!) – smoked crystal: help to find its way back when we see fuzzy
– crystal titanium: increase of the vibration of the aura
– crystal inclusion tourmaline: the quality of the crystal and the protection of the tourmaline

-copper: cleanse the blood (water)
-fulgurite: she is lightning and very emotional! She looks after what she wants to heal, she goes to the most urgent! (Neither water nor salt)
-girasol: stone of the femininity and of release-grip, incredibly powerful to raise towards the light (water / salt)
– Green garnet: help to go ahead, generator of energy (water / salt)
-hemimorphite blue: quite soft, soothing, good stone for the children (water)
– White jade: balance liquid in the body, the stone of kings of china(water / salt)
– Jasper leopard: regeneration of cells (it works really, i stop to aged ^^) (water / salt)
– Circular jasper: she restored the basic information of the body, when this one is unsettled (water / salt)
– labradorite: stone to protect from energetic vampires, regenerating (water / salt) need to be cleansed often.
-lapis lazuli: stone of the gods, the communication and very effective on headaches! (Water / salt)
-larimar: bring the water when we miss it, activate the fluids, drain (water / salt)
-malachite-chrysocolle: cosmo-telluric energy, can be use during my video of anchoring! (Water but not for a long time)
– Starry mica: helps for panics and anger, neurosises. (Water)
-moldavite: (this stone is extremely powerful) she created unconditional love in us, she really has something furthermore than the others. (Water)
– Obsidian: transmutes the black in light (no purification)
– eye of tiger: protection (no purification)
-onyx: amplifier of what you are, attention if you carry her when you are depressed for example (water / salt)
– white opal: she takes out what is negative in our heart to replace it by love, very soft. (Water, she loves it!)
– opal of Australia: communication (water)
– Pink opal of the Andes: quite soft, chakra of the heart (water)
– Stone of sedona: one in every hand before a care, she loads. (Especially no water)
– Stone of the fairies: help to speak with élémentaux, to perceive them (incense) – Stone cross of Russia; tie in our foundation, protects in any domains
– stone of sun: create by the man, brings the enjoyment (water / salt)
-rhodocrosite: free fears, heal wound, and help to put in perspective (water / salt)
-rubellite: gone up of kundalini, align chakras, and increases strongly the vibration of the room (water / salt)
– ruby on fushite: stress, sexuality. (Water / salt)
– Sapphire ruby bliss: repairs and detects the leak of the subtle bodies; (water / salt)
– moondweller: stone of the archetypal sweetness (no water!)
-rainbow septaria: realization of the projects, the big projects (water / salt)
– Sulfur native: protection of the black strengths by the fire, very positive (no water)
-spectrolite: send back the negative energies towards the sender (water / salt)
-tiffany stone: purple opal, same characteristic (water / salt)
-tourmaline watermelon and tourmaline Paraíba: chakra heart, cures wounds with love. (Water)
– Turquoise sleeping beauty: protector of the warriors and the travelers (water)

… Here is among others … I forgot some certainly
Every person needs difference things according to the stages of his lives, this article ensues from my own perception, do not make it as the absolute truth.

If you have questions do not hesitate!