I remind that God is only Love for me, not a person who manages the life of all.

” There is nobody more foreign to the man than himself. If he wants to know these foreigner, he need to go into his study, and closes the door. He will find his most dangerous enemy there and will learn how to master him. He will find also his real me, his most faithful friend, his wisest master, his surest councillor…still himself. It is the altar where burns God’s eternal flame, source of any kindness, any strength, any power. He will know that God lives in the depths of the silence. It is here also at the bottom of ourselves that lives the Holy of Holies, where any desire of the man exists in the thought of God and becomes confused with a desire of God. We feel here, we know here the intimacy of the relations between God and the man, between the father and the son, between the spirit and the body. And we see there that the apparent duality exists only in the human life, because in reality, there is only unity. “