For a long time, a very long time…I used to give to people, and even if everybody used to tell me not to wait for something in return, when I didn’t get a « thank you » or even when I got a slap instead (particularly from my ex lovers !)…I was suffering. Because not waiting for a “thank you”, I can do, but accepting a failure is more difficult!
But then, I was expecting so much to fail that it happened all the time just to prove me right (life cannot stand when we are wrong).
I understood that the more I thought I would fail, the more I would fail because my whole vibration was all about “I know you want to take advantage of me and that you will never say thank you anyway”. So I used to attract people who were EXACTLY as I was unconsciously asking.
So (this first point is very important to go back to gratitude), from this day on, I decided to thank life every morning for what it wanted to give me in order to help me grow up. I also asked to help me grow in kindness and sweetness, instead of hurt. I was thus giving my gratitude to life,


After slaps and lack of thank you, I asked myself “Am I doing this to save / help others?” (because this is a big problem as we are not supposed to help or save anybody if he or she doesn’t want to) or “Am I doing this for myself because I truly think this is my mission?”. Of course it was my mission, as if I were born for this.


And suddenly my vision radically changed, I was not doing this for others but to be in accordance with myself. So instead of waiting for a “thank you”, I was saying it to myself for respecting what I wanted to be!
Act for the good of all, for ourselves, for others and as the universe wishes and not to receive gratitude in return. We cannot ask others to give us gratitude, love or anything else if we cannot give it to ourselves.
Are you grateful to yourself? Do you thank yourself regularly for your evolution?
And when you reach the point where you are not waiting for something in return (because you are not doing something for others but for you) and when a « thank you » comes, there is a power which was impossible beforehand.
I understand that when we read some articles entitled « act now », we wonder how to do because it is human to wait but from now on try to act to be in accordance with yourself first…you will see that everything will change! First you won’t feel bitter if no one is showing you gratitude, because the first one will come from you. Then the recognition from life to you will come because you have evolved and because you act for love and common evolution.