Dialogue with the invisible world …

How can we be sure we have a dialogue with our guides, or with someone from our family, and how we can know it is not an invention of our mental?

-in automatic WRITING,

to know if you speak to a guide, look simply the writing! A guide will write fast, in a fluid way. If you ask for one of your guides and the writing is low, is hesitating, be sure that is not one of your guide!
For a dear being, close your eyes, and ask him to make you feel the love he has for you, if you feel nothing, no shivers, or small butterflies in the stomach, it is possible that it is not one of your missing persons.

To avoid, in writing, spirit lies, say simply at the beginning of the writing, that for the moment you want to speak to such person, but then you will be opened to the discussion, the spirits are so alone, and so satisfied to speak to somebody, that they are ready to lie to have the opportunity to exchange. If you’re here for them, you will avoid lie. (I remind you: NEVER start automatic writing alone for first time, never make it if you’re not anchored and if you have a low vibration.)


guides will never say “you have to”, I give an example, if you are sad in your couple, guides, or your one, will never say “you have to leave this person”, they will say rather, “will you not feel better in an other way?” Always suggestion, and the respect of the free will.
You can simply ask them which advice they have to give you, you will see so quickly if you have a guide, or an usurper, only in the way he give advise.
The mental, will tell you things to make inflate your ego, so that you felt “powerful god “! Or then on the contrary, he will treat you as the one who is useless. A guide remains neutral, most of the time, he advises but never orders, except when it is dangerous (example, I was on my motorbike, and I heard “do not go that way”.)

As for the disappeared beings, to know if you talk to them, take simply a photo of them, watch well at eyes, then link (by visualization) your heart with theirs.
It is almost impossible, to be linked to another person.
Then, just need to speak to them.
ATTENTION, when a close relation has just died, try, with great difficulty, not to ask him to stay, or not cry “him too much”, it could prevent him from rising to the light, because he would want to stay to please you…