12a bit long article, but quite interesting ^^

This night, while I dream awakened (I was in astral), I have a long conversation with 2 of my guides.
They let me know that when I repeat all day long that hell and paradise does not exist, i mean that hell and paradise are only what we make of our own life, I am wrong and right at the same time.
For me hell existed only on earth, when you do bad things, those return to you, in this life or later. But I thought that when we die, everybody had the right to go to the light, then after we have stages to grow up in this light, but in every cases, when we are there, we are in peace and surrounded by love. Even if we still have much work to do.

Apparently no.

In fact, according to what I understood this night,there is souls who stays on the earth plan: the wandering souls (who see all that we see and who are not even conscious that light exists) there are those who are in astral (low astral, and astral), then the one who are in the light (once again, even in the light there are several “levels”)

In those who are in the astral, there are hundreds, even thousands of “strata” where souls can “get lost”, depending what they did in their incarnation. Some very unpleasant strata, that we could name hell.

When we emit love in our earth life (plan where it is the easiest to act for our changement, because according to them to change (to evolve) in astral is more difficult than on the earth plan), then when we die, our existence remains “easy” and love. In the sense we have only some small errors to correct by helping other souls, then after we can reach divine plans where our vibration and our energy is stronger;
On the other hand if we emit hatred, anger, and domination (for example) during our earth life, then we create a kind of parallel world in the ether, which will wait for us when we will die, all this only with our thought and our acts.

They gave me some examples: somebody who worries only about his physical appearance, about its wealth and to enslave others, will find the same world after, but amplified, this person will continue to want to fight to have full of people to her service, she will be haunted by her not quenched wills, and all her default will be translated on her physical appearance ( hideous appearance), and in its environment (destroyed city, full of blood, roarings, sinks, it can be translated in swamp full of viscous mud and seaweeds which maintain you at the bottom). In brief that’s hell. But it is hell which we have create, during our incarnation.

All this shocked me. I believed that we would die and if we wanted it we could go express to the light …
We can, but only if there is redemption.
That’s mean every person who made a great deal of the evil, but who realized it and who profoundly wants to change, has the right to rise in vibrations, and in the light. (It is necessary to know that in these levels, we can’t lie, don’t try to deal with evil and say to yourself ” oh, I shall say that I regret and I could be allowed to have rest, if you are not vibrate love, then no evolution)

According to my guides, it is only when the soul non-love suffers a lot, when she will eventually want to change, they let these souls be in agony, roar, cry, until they ask to evolve.
As they reminded it to me, we cannot help somebody unwillingly. And as long as there is no real willpower of change.

Contrary to what I thought, hell and paradise exist except the earth incarnation, but it is not places with flames or young cupidons that pull arrows… whatever.
Hell or paradise are the places which you build thanks to your thoughts and your actions of Today. Places perfectly adapted to you (because YOU have created it) and which shall highlight all your errors.

For those who made a great deal of the evil, when they so much suffered that they decided to change, to regret, a person of a vibration higher than him (not necessarily of the light, it can be of the astral as long as it is a higher vibration) comes to find him in the place where he is, to help him to off-load people who avoid him to leave (it often happens that those who do not evolve want to prevent those who want to change, to leave), or help him to go out of his swamp which imprisons him, or to help him to understand how to evolve …
Moreover, it is also difficult for the one who picks him up, because the entities which are not love make all to pull the others in their forfeiture.

When the one who wants to evolve in reached a sufficient vibration, he is taken care by another person, with a vibration even higher than the first one who came to save him.
The one who has to play ” rescuer’s ” role, has another mission to achieve, to save other souls, or he returns in his group, to be rewarded, and to have the right to pass in a higher group.

His guides can accord tot him to cross in a group with higher vibration, or to grant him “bonuses” as for example : to speak to person stayed on earth, or presents which will satisfy his senses. (Apparently at the beginning when we are working on us, we have to learn how to master us and not to need any more to satisfy our senses, because it continues to feed our animal parts)

There is no hell and paradise such as the religion describes it, in fact you create your own continuation, with current behavior. Be love, you create love, be envy you create jealousy, be anger you create the war and all this waits for you later.

They insisted on the fact that no one will aggravate your case, to decrease you, or to ask you to “pay” more that what you made. Everybody will be here for you the day you will want to change, to evolve and to be love.


You are a creator of your future. In all points.