Do you know that in Maui, we greet each other by saying Aloha, who means love and gratitude?

Ho’oponopono is a technique of a Hawaiian psychiatrist , who had some very difficult cases in his hospital, he has create this technique which consists of only 4 words.


In fact with this technique we think that everybody is energetically linked, and that if there is something happen in your life, you are responsible, consciously OR not!

For example, when you have a conflict with somebody, besides somebody of your family, or close friend, it is difficult to stand back. You can practise this technique:
” I am sorry (mom for example) about all that I make which makes that we are here now, please FORGIVE ME if I hurt you (now or in any previous lives), I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR your listening, and giving the opportunity to improve our relations. ”

The purpose is to apologize to the soul of this person, no need to tell it to him face to face, in fact, no matter that you get along well with the physical body of this person, no matter if she doesn’t want to listen any more in this life, because her soul, will always liste to you.

You speak soul to soul. Between beings-loves. heart-to-heart .

You can of course, (and it is recommended! ) tell it to yourself, you face mirror in the morning, and lets go !

I practiced it for a long time, by telling me:
” I am sorry Johanna to have been unconscious and had no ears to listen to the universe, forgive me to keep in me the memories which make that my life is difficult now, I love you (that was that the most difficult, say to me that i love me, AND think it!!), thank you for everything you did since the beginning, thank you for trying to evolve all the time and thank you the life to give me all these stages because they help me to realize myself. ”

You are the creator of your life, do not forget it, if it does not suit to you, you are able to change everything if you wish it !

I do not like saying NOTHING is impossible, I prefer EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!