And if to create a life, to give a birth we do not need any humans ?


Yesterday, deep discussion with a friend…

Is that because the science did not demonstrate something, that thing is false?
Does the majority has absolutely to be in agreement with an idea to make it right?

We spoke about procreation, and he told me that it was absolutely necessary the meeting of an ovum and a sperm cell to create a child…for me, I said that the children are born in families because we have less the choice than before, i mean, now, a child cannot be born ” by magic “, it has to arrive by a mother, in a family, with a name etc.! But, I think, (and it is only my opinion) that it is not necessary of physical data so that a child arrives, what I want to say to be absolutely clear:
YES, I think that a child can arrive on earth “by holy spirit “, as would say the believers! And yes I believe that Marie, has never needed to sleep with whoever to have Jesus, just like the fact that Jesus spoke as soon as he was born, all this vibrates “truth” with my heart.

Yes, evolutions of the species says that we are beings who evolved from germs to fishes, then monkeys etc. I believe that there was certainly evolution, but I also believe that the human being did not need this evolution to be able to BE.
It is only my opinion, and for sure i don not ask you to believe!
On the other hand I shall be delighted to have your point of view on this subject, but only with love and respect… what do you think about it, does it vibrates with you?