How to affirm yourself with spirits, or everything from the invisible world ?

Yesterday evening, while I was under the shower (yes! The bathroom is a meeting room!), I felt a spirit in the bedroom, seen the vibration he has to be 5/6 meters of me, more or less. Then I speak to him (in my head, no need to be in a loud voice all the time), and I ask him what he wants, no answer. Then I stick my head under the water and I felt the hand in my neck and its breath on my cheek, the strong fear!!!

I shouted as a 5-year-old child, even with the experience, certain meetings are cold in the back!
Once the emotion was crossed, I make a sermon to him, in front of all the others.

Never let anybody walk on you, impose your will to those you help. It is not ta lack of love, it is to respect yourself enough to be more able to help them. Because if you are disturbed every night, if you let pass everything, then you will not have life anymore, your vibration will fall and you ‘ll attract what you vibrate… You can ask them for example not to be disturbed at night, not that they touch you or still not to shout. (Because some being forget how to express themself, arrive by roaring!)

And in every case, remind that there are souls not nice, but instead of calling them devils, a black or nasty…and more, remember that these souls are just unloved and that they miss it. If they did not miss it, they would not be there, they will not need your help.

Try to be patient and indulgent, they do not still go in for subtleties!

And if you do not see them but that you feel them (and that you do not hear them either), you just have to make (by visualization) a column to be able to help them to rise to the light, it works very well also! (Just visualize a column in the middle of your lounge, or other, which goes to the light, this column is very bright and “sucks up” souls to bring them to good port.

You can also explain to these souls where to find some energy if they miss it (cf video:, it will avoid that they get it on you and that you feel tired permanently…

But do not forget, all that these spirits want, it is ONLY love, no matter their approach!