A life task always starts by loving yourself !

When you will have found how to love yourself, then really begun to LOVE, unconditionally, when you will really meet love, the real one, when you will love everything and everybody with this spark that you can hardly imagine… it’ll not be for nothing!

How you use Love today in your life?
To what is love of birds, plants, dogs, stones, antiquities if it is not to lead to love of people?
When will you teach love?
And even dedicate it all your life?
If the schooling leads to the job, the spiritual schooling leadsto the mission of life.
What is your mission?
That is what you have to find!

The one who really meets the first love, the love for its own poverty, can preserve from now his own love only by allowing the others to experience it. Because love is only given to us, to give it in our turn. And it is the only way of preserving it!
Here is all the mystery of the mission of life, guys!
The one who met his beauty must know how he can use it – in a mission of life- if he wants to protect it.

( Extracted of the book ” Caesar and master of swallows, but modified by myself!)