Today a kind soul taught me something, I had already heard about it before, but until now, I did not want to calculate my vibratory rate because the figure which I shall have obtained shall have satisfies my ego, and I did not find it really useful. (It is still the case! But it is funny to make!)

I share with you my day discovery, I now know how to calculate our vibratory rate, but also the one of the others…
Just take a pendulum, or a chain with a pendant in the rear, then put it above your hand. (Similar but with a photo in more if you want to make it for another person), you can also directly use the image joined which will allow the pendulum to go toward the number of your vibratory rate.

With the hand, it is enough to count 1000 by 1000, in a loud voice, the pendulum is going to turn in a direction, and when you will arrive at your vibratory rate, it will stop turning, or will begin to turn the other way.

Aurore had calculated my vibratory rate, she had found a number, then my guides said that the vibration depended on the day, and that we were the master to change it, in spite of the fact that in books, it is said that the vibratory rate depends on our evolution, only.

So, we made a test with Aurore, she re-measured my vibratory fields after I have make an exercise to increase my fields… and we found the same number (her and i), higher than the first one she had communicated to me!
I asked her to redo a test, having wanted to decrease my vibration, to see if it was possible to change it at will, I do not have tell to Aurore what I was going to make, to avoid her to know if i’ll going to increase it or to decrease it. I repeated ” I hate the humanity “, my purpose was to decrease it, that did not work ^^, then I concentrated to reduce my vibratory field, visually. When she re measuring, she found half less than what I had at first!

Day experiment which proves that the thought is so powerful, it can allows us to manage everything, even our vibration!
On the other hand, you can increase your vibration or decrease it only in the range you are situated, for example, somebody who has a quite small vibratory rate on basis, because not spiritual at all, cannot reach a high vibratory rate, as somebody who makes a work on himself for years… You can change your vibration only in the levels you unlock (if we speak in term of video games!)

The vibratory rate is not useful except to satisfy our égo or ( more useful) to see if a person is parasited, or sick for example!

And you, how much is yours?
( This can be a good exercise to train in the dowsing!)

Here is the site which explains a little the various vibratory rates: