SAINT ANTOINE, help me !!

I just spoke about it to a friend, for whom it workes within one hour so, I share my tip with you!

If you lose an object, anything, ask to saint Antoine to help you to find it!

When I was a child, my mother had lent me a pendant in a leaf shape,in gold. it was the Holy Grail for me!
Except that, kid, we make capers, and any height of things, and i lost the famous pendant!
I realized it at the end of the day, and I did not dare to imagine my return at the house without the invaluable!…
My grandmother had told to my father that it was necessary to ask to saint Antoine, it is certainly, old man’s trick, but old man’s trick which works!
We turned back, and found the jewel, in the street, under a rail… in the middle of the street, and nobody had taken it, or seen it? Strange, you admit?:)

Since, every time I lose something, I know to whom to ask. It works for everything and anything!

For keys and jewels, know that the nature beings are crazy about that joke, but it is not all the time their fault