Already, it is necessary to know that the pendulum works thanks to the micro-movements of our arm, influenced by our vibration, it even influenced by the answer which gives our “self”.

Our divine part.

Thus how to learn the pendulum, you can buy a pendulum, with or without stone, it does not matter, choose it in the crush! Or, you can use a simple chain with a pendant in the rear (mine is a chain with a cross and Jesus above, I remind you that I am not Catholic, but this cross is in my life since a moment, and I do not know even who offered it to me, it arrived, “by chance”).

You take the chain between your index and your thumb, with your hand you use to write.
Ask, in your head, no need to make it in a loud voice ” I wish to have one YES. Then wait. The pendulum is going to begin turning, in a direction, or in the other one. Once make, ask for one NO, to see if the pendulum turns the other way.

Then, train yourself on questions of the everyday life, for things you have already an answer, to see if the pendulum ” respect ” its direction of rotation, then questions in which you have no slightest indication…


It is the only way to be able to have clear answers, and to know well your pendulum.

Furthermore, when you will master this tool, you can use it to measure your vibration on a daily basis, little useful for you, in less to satisfy your ego ^^ but useful for people whom you meet… you can knowhow much they vibrate love, on the Bovis scale.

ATTENTION in not not ” to judge a person ” only according to your result, especially if you are novice!! This rate of vibration is only a small part of the truth on all the necessary facets to see if somebody is love…

Do you use pendulum?