i ask only what is good for me !

For a long time, my inside-child, my ego, wanted to evolve fast.
This one it is the worst, the spiritual-ego, the one who says ” I evolve, and you not, I do everything to change, me ” he knows how to hide himself very well!
As a result, because I permanently wanted to put myself to the test, without ever accepting the periods of “stagnation” which are nevertheless very useful to start up again in a better condition, I asked my guides, and life generally, to give myself events which will be necessary for a (very) fast evolution.

You are not without knowing that the Universe answers favorably to ou requests especially when they go to the direction of our evolution. The guides and Universe have only one real rule: respect the free will. They are going to slaps us along the way so that we can understand that we are going too fast or not enough, but if we do not want to understand,that’s our problem. They are going to shout more and more hardly, until we hear.

And sometimes it’s hurt. A lot.

Because ego which does not want to listen life, it is its choice, but she is going to give him bigger and bigger lessons, until our dear small internal child understands that several times it is good to open the eyes and ears, and take the advice of those who know…
The free will will be respected, because the choice of change will come from us, finally.
Of course after a lot of suffering. But as I said it previously, unfortunately the human being needs to suffer to start to feel compassion and desire to change. The human being manages most of the time to know what he wants by experiment what he does not want. Or not anymore. But it is not an obligation!

It is exactly the same when I asked to have clairaudience because ” I was fed up with it because i was the only one who didnt hear “, Ah! You want clairaudience, without asking why you did not have it? Well we are going to give it to you. I cried!
I going to bed, hearing hundreds of people speaking to me in my head, all at once (even a Viking who wanted to play with a ball… yes I know, it is shady!), further to it I had begged one of my guides to stop it, he had answered me that the next time I shall pay attention to what I ask. I have never forgotten this lesson!

So after many life’s lesson, I said to myself that i will stop to ask to evolve FAST!

While I spoke about it to my brother, he tell me : “why you does not ask simply what is good for you, and within the limits of what you can bear without suffering too much? ”
Why i didnt think about it earlier?
Why i want absolutely to flog me and to evolve in the suffering, while in fact, I would just have to open my eyes to be able to see the lesson in love and sweetness?

I believe that it is something which is anchored in the customs, ” it IS NECESSARY to suffer to understand”. In fact not, if you are able to understand in the sweetness, then life and guide will not need to shout too hardly to reaches your ears.

Since, young égo is always satisfied because he continues to grow up, but the “adult” part is satisfied also because no more useless suffering (sometimes it happens, of course, that i do not see the lesson and that she has to arrive until me to make me understand it)
It is like when you’re driving, if we look far away, then you can prevent the danger.

If only I had known it earlier…