As you know it, I was since sick a while, a small salmonella was installed inside me (at the same time let her come, otherwise she would not have been able to do it )!

Since last Sunday evening, on April 19th, I had discovered that this salmonella stayed because this country ” annoyed me ” (i coudnt “digest the country”), I had managed to put the word on it, but she also had her place because I wanted to lose weight in an easy way, without any effort, my body had answered my expectations and my thoughts!

On Monday morning i understood why I was sick, I didnt have any symptoms , I came to see a specialist to know if i dont need any treatment, in case.
We made tests on 4 days, to know how the bacterium developed and how to treat it. Because there was bacterium!
And today, I had the results.

Today, in April 23rd, the doctor told me that he did not understand, because ” since Monday your rate of bacteria decreases, while you take no medicine …you did not take medicine isnt it? “

Nothing, no treatment.

I a little lied…since Monday morning, I began to speak to my friend salmonella, I said to her that she disturbed me a little, but that I was willing to give her love, because as whoever, she deserved it, I also explained her that she had no more her place, because I had decided to watch my food for my weight, instead of taking advantage of the disease, and because I accepted that this country Piss** me off, that I shall not fight any more against my ego which is in stress, but that from now on, I shall accept it too, whatever he says. Even if it goes against unconditional love I want to be.

Here is my medicine, I was alone cured, just by accepting that I am not love, several times.
And according to the statements of the doctor, ” your body has incredible immune systems, it looks after itself alone, everything should be ended in a few weeks “.

Thank you the spirit, the body follows, simply.
When the spirit is cured, the body also.