I was 5 or 6 years old, when my father visited the grave of his friend Josie. I went on the one nearby, it was a girl, we had the same age, and she was called Pétronille Tartasse, died in 1807.

In fact, I realize that it is maybe there that everything begun.
My father brought flowers to the Josie’s grave , and I, my bracelets as a present for Pétronille, I remember, she was really satisfied to have company, she got bored a bit in this cemetery where there were only old people!

I tell you this story because Pétronille was my friend when I was a child, during several years, (She is still, and returned in my life these last days that’s why i’m making an article on her!), any parent would have to tell to his child to stop speaking with a grave to the cemetery because “the ghosts do not exist”, but I was lucky to have a comprehensive dad who thought it was “normal”.
When a child speaks alone, or when he tells you things which seem to you absurd, it is not because you can’t see it that it does not exist … (sometimes it’s happen of course, but if details are extremely precise, stories are similar every time he tells them … then there is not much luck that he invents it …)

Parent is very important for the child, he represents the authority, but also the justice and the example to be followed, so imagine the chaos in the head of your child when he is sure to see something and when you, maintain that this thing does not exist …

That’s why many adults “do not see” anymore. They lost clearaudiance, but also clear-sightedness and even feelings; in the “hardest” cases, in the loss of the intuition (not really lost, but buried so deep as she does not serve anymore, so: need to dig! ).
Quite a lot of people tell tome that they remember me to have “seen” when they was young, and they lost this capacity around 7 years old.
According to what I understood from my guides’s message, the first 7 years are decisive for the rest of the life. So if your parents made you education with “that does not exist”, it is normal that your brain and your child-me want to follow “the way of the parental reason”

Two eyes to look, but only one to SEE.

I wonder what I will do when I have children, because actually to raise them by consolidating what they see, it is also taking the risk that they can be rejected at school, and outside of the society where the majority do not see.

But, is that sign of good mental health to be well adapted to a sick society?

And you, how do you educate your children ?