You know, the position which we make when we are kids, in the snow, either after a hard day when we collapse on the bed … it is the position of wellbeing … The position which our inner child likes !

And you know what?

This position is for the nube who do not manage to visualize, to meditate, or to make any exercise with the aim of increasing their vibration! ATTENTION ,  it does not replace anchorage ( or a cleaning of chakras (! But let say that if you are in a bad patch, that you need to get better quickly … it is the ideal tool!

Especially that  “we do not learn to swim in full storm”! This technique will allow you to learn how to keep the head outside the water, at least!

By making this position, you anchor yourself in the ground automatically, because your legs form a triangle with a wide base, what allows the anchorage, it will not be good as a real anchorage, when you make some roots by visualization from your feet, but it good ! By raising your arms upward, you increase your width of the coronal chakra, what connects you more with the sky, with the sun, and with the cosmos.

Try to have the same space with arms and legs, which forms a perfect balance, between you (your heart) the center of the earth, the center of the sun.


The morning when you’re just out of the bed – You can even pretend that you stretch in case your spouse wonders why you make these strange gestures – and in the evening before going to bed it is necessary to stand up, bare foot so that your feet are in touch with the ground, hanging 3 to 5 minutes, legs ruled out of the width of shoulders, arm up at the level of shoulders on the side, palm of the left hand turned to the sky and the right hand to the earth. Then it is enough to inspire profoundly by the nose and to expire by the mouth and ……………. that’s it!

No need to be religious, spiritual or guru to try this technique, you will feel certainly shivers, or head which turns a little, it is the energy which will enter you in a very fast way. Do not worry about it!

You can thanks Jérémy who advised me to speak about the star, movement which I make for a long time, but that I had never shared, because I am can be a little bit sadistic, but especially because I like to make your work on you deeply…the easiest comes at the end, always:)

Let me know how you feel ?