Many people ask themselves the question to know what is indigo children, if they are indigo, why, how etc…. We are thus going to make a petit point on the subject today!

Is not indigo who wants to be, The human being has an almost constant need to be a membership in such or such compartment, it is not because you are not indigo, that you are not interesting! There is hundreds of compartments in which you can be as well, as extraterrestrial (not earth beaing, not the small green chap, whatever!) for example the angels, either a bodhisattva (the one who continuous to come on earth in spite of the end of his cycle of incarnation, all this in the only purpose to develop the human beings he will meet in his next life, or a being of nature….  There are hundreds!
An indigo is just a person who has the majority color of indigo in his aura, what means he is carrier of light a little more than somebody else (well OK, much more!) since a few years, almost the majority of the children who are born are indigo, it needs to transmute suffering in love, faster! Most of the indigo are not really human, they are beings of the subtle plans, or others plans, returned to accelerate the process.
It is often very difficult to be an indigo, it is difficult to be different.
Many people ever have reflection, content themselves with their small quiet life, to make subway-job-sleep, an indigo is In-CA-PABLE to act like that, because it knows that he is here for a precise mission.

Here are some characteristics of indigo people:

– he needs to let know that he is connected with the source, need to assert himself as a part of ONE.

– They are people who does not support the injustice, the wickedness, the bad faith. Uncontrollable need for freedom, they are often incapable to work for somebody and to undergo the orders.

– he lives to serve the others in their spiritual rise

– he knows what is UNCONDITIONAL love! He likes as well animals, as human beings, as quite things who is. They have a connection with all this.

– he feels foreign to most of people who are around him, he looks permanently for the company of the light and love.
It is very difficult for him because all the beings are equal, and paradoxically, he sees that many are still in the unconsciousness, superiority complex.

– his clear- audience, clear clairvoyance and his internal connections are very developed, they are moreover innate therapists.

– he has an incredible imagination, an ease to visualize, and he is hypersensitive.

-he has big, very big dreams, and releases nothing, but then absolutely nothing, he knows why he came, and will not leave earth without having made it. He will often be thought of as megalomaniac because he has dreams, bigger than the majority

– he is very curious, wants to understand everything, is very fast in all that he creates, and is very a quick learner.

– it is INCAPABLE to lie. Very honorable.

– he has an immense creativity

– contained on all which is spiritual, until he is old enough to assume.

– feeling to be abnormal, and rejection of himself. Often feel strong anxiety attacks when comes the moment to understand which it is.

– small or absent karma, it will be the kind of people which everybody considers as “very fortunate”.

Here is some way to recognize them, as I said it, there is a lot of other “case”!

As “crystal” childrens:

But all this is only a compartment in which you will agree to put yourselves, you will thus limit your capacities and your divine part by deciding “to be indigo ” . Attention on the mental which likes feeling “special” and also who likes compartments, because it allows him to feel less fear. It is the way for him, to believe that he understands everything !.