Internal Dialogue of two babies, For those who still ask themselves questions on the possibility of a life after the physical body…

Baby-atheist: and you, you believe in the life after the childbirth?

Baby-believer: of course. It is obvious that the life after the childbirth exists. And here we are just to become strong and ready for what waits for us later.

BA: all this, it is insane. There is nothing after the childbirth … Can you you imagine what such a life could look like?

BC: well, I do not know all the details. But over there there will be a lot of light, a lot of enjoyment. And for example over there we are going to eat with our mouth.

BA: but it’s rubbish! We have our umbilical cord and that’s it which feeds us. And from this other life, nobody came back. The life simply ends by the childbirth.

BC: no! I do not know exactly what this life after the childbirth is going to look like. But in every case, we shall see our mom and she will take care of us.

BA: mom? You believe in mom? And where is she?

BC: but she is everywhere! She is around us! Thanks to her, we live. And without her, we are nothing.

BA: it is absurd! I have never seen any mom thus it is obvious that she does not exist.

BC: no, I do not agree. Because, sometimes when everything becomes quiet, we can hear when she sings… we can feel when she caresses our world … I am certain that our Real life is going only to begin after the childbirth …