We speak about Jesus in many religions, many adulates him, worships him, but Jesus was not that a single man, it was made of 7 different souls, which worked together for the good for entire world.

Message from here-after (I am just the channel who transmit)

How a single man would have been able to have so many capacities? Unfortunately of its acts which had to be only teaching was born a religion. It is true that when Jesus was born he already possessed the word, he knew what was unconditional love, forgiveness and the divine energy, it is true that it knew how to make extraordinary things, not because he was a superman but because he believed in the possibility of any thing, in each thing.

Jesus was born “by magic”, Before we did not need to create a human being in a family, with a name, a first name and any height of documents to fill… the embodied could arrive on earth like that, by ” the operation of the holy spirit “. They did not even need to be born child, they could arrived at the adulthood, it was not important, you, humans make the task a bit complicated. You too, humans, have the possibility of making things which the society shall consider as abnormal, of ” extra ordinary “, you are in reality, already extra ordinary.

You fight between you to know which god will be the best, while god lives in each of you, no matter the name which you give him, it is source of life and love. Only. When you will have finished your earth mission, you will have the possibility to seeing what you believed in your lasting life, whether it is Jesus, Allah, Marie… what will strengthen your faith.

Because the aim IS the faith. But not the faith in an other one, faith in you. You are divine. Things accelerate at the moment, in a point where by hundred years, everything will be completely different from what you know at present. 7 souls which formed Jesus are going to find themselves, to act again together, in love.

They will meet “by chance”, will incur as much as they will push away, so similar. But when finally they will act in accord, for the world … Any suffering will be transformed into love, by “magic”, you like this word, you, humans, to qualify all that you do not understand. Have faith, we are there, They are there, already incarnated, just waiting to find themselves.

[Christophe, one of my guides]