And if there was of the life on other planets?
As you know now, my bathroom is the hangout of meetings of all kinds.

I hesitated for a long time before telling it, but yesterday a beautiful soul told me ” you know as i know it that the Truth is Queen and that those who are afraid of hearing it, will put set back… but those who wait for it will be fed and it is just… then Truth for whom wants! (I suspect that I shall undergo unsubscriptions further to it, as I had following the article on Michael Jackson, but it doesn’t matter, I accept!)
I thus passed in the bathroom before sleeping, it was the week when I was sick (again), one couple of weeks ago. And there, half asleep, I see that I believe to be a little boy who hides behind my door of bathroom, he moves forward and moves back, by fear of my reaction. I ask him to show himself, rather than to continue to play with my feelings while I am tired!
He went out back the door and – cardiac crisis- he is not human, not animal but… extraterrestrial.

I think that the people who have already drawn extraterrestrials really saw it because they have an oval head, on the other hand not the big immense eyes, but the similar eyes to us, black, the skin is green/grey very clear, and they are extremely bright. The small “boy” in question wears a kind of jacket little military blazer, with golden buttons, but the material has nothing to do with what I know, guides will tell me several days later that it was the ” solar material” youhou… OK!
I do not know what to say, and then does he speaks my language? And my ego tells me ” but yes are you silly, no language barrier in energetics ” thank you mate!
My first reaction: the fear! The second: what you want me? And the only thing i was able to say was ” what is your name? “
And he answered me!! On the other hand I shall be incapable to retranscribe it to you, he had one voice looks like R2D2, and his name cannot be put in human words!
Well we do not speak the same language, but we understand each other, it is the main thing!
I ask him then why he is here, he tells me that he is lost, and that I have to take him back to his home. He is very cute, but the way to rise to the light, its ok, I know it, bu to come back on his planet …
He explains that I have to do the same thing than when i rise the deceaseds to the light, be centered in the heart, and apparently, my heart knows the path.
Meanwhile, I return to my bed, then i started to visualize my tunnel  to help souls to return to the light, except that there, we go far, very far, the path is really long, frankly, I begin to wonder how to return, and my ego scold me of unconscious because ” we do not know them, and we do not know what they will do with us “… that’s true, I am lacking precautions, but I have faith, in my love and in the life, and in my guides also! I let make.

After while, we arrive on a planet, a parallel world, that I have never visited!
And there are thousands as him. Apparently he is rather important because he has an incredible welcome.
I wave, and begin to leave, because I am not reassured…
But they retain me, they wish to thank me for having taken him back.
( at this point, i started to believe that fever rise in me, but not at all!)
When they asked me for what I wanted, the only thing which occured me because I was sick, it is to tell them to cure me…
In a split second, I found myself thrown on my bed, in my body, the landing is hard and violent, then a kind of tube which could look like Plexiglas, came to settle on me, the width of my body, approx. Then a “indecent” light (it is the only word which occurs me!) came down by this pipe, nothing compare to the love i know when rise a deceased to the light it was wow! 10000 times more powerful!! It is when I realized that my unconditional love was still wick!
It had to last 3 in 5 minutes maximum, then the tube disappeared, I had time to hear ” if you need anything, ask! ” Then, nothing more.
I fell asleep in the seconds which followed, totally sounded. And not to believe in what I had just lived.

Except that the next day, I got up, no more sinusitis, no more pharyngitis nothing! In great shape.
I learnt from guides since a few days that the young was not absolutely lost, but that he had come to establish a contact… it remains to be seen why, question which will stay suspends it for the moment!

Johanna. Who is ok in her head. Thank you