I was looking the storm outside while my guides talk to me about life  :


” Life is like the weather. There are disturbances, then we know while the rain, even the storm are not far.
We can choose to hide ourselves in shelters during the storm, or we can choose to stay under the rain.And if we are as a tree, we know that this storm is going to shake us,the water is going to flow up to our roots, that it will swill down us us, and we know that is the element essential in our evolution.After the storm, our trunk and our roots will keep the humidity for a moment, while the sun will warm our foliage. We need then no more water for the moment because we knew how to keep it.With time, we will be almost impatient to see the rain arriving, because even if we know that the wind can be not very pleasant, water will feeds us every time.
At the end, our roots will be rather long to go to draw the humidity where there is, and will not need storm to grow up anymore.”


Everything depend only of the way you see things, a situation can be difficult, or easy, depend the way you are, and the eyes you have.